All papers will be subjected to peer review and are expected to meet standards of academic excellence.  The final decision regarding acceptance, minor or major revisions, or rejection of a paper will be based on the evaluation reports received from the reviewers. Author(s) will be notified about the outcome via email, using the declared address.

·         Paper title

·         Author (s)

·         Paper abstract

·         Keywords

·         Introduction

·         Content

·         Conclusions

·         References


Paper title: Make sure that the title be specific and concise. The title should be position in the center of the paragraph, written entirely in capital letters, Times New Roman, size 14, bold.

Author (s):Full name and surname (last name must be written in capital letters). The details on the author / authors should include: Department, university or organization, city, country, email, all in footnote.

Abstract: In the abstract, please describe your paper using between 150 and 250 words. Use Times New Roman, 10.

Keywords: The minimum accepted key words are 3, font times new Roman, italic, bold.  

Introduction: It should summarize relevant research and provide general context of the article. It should also describe the hypothesis (es) and the general design or method.

Content: Here, must be included the main proposed ideas, results and discussions. Font Times New Roman, size 10.5.

 Figures and tables: Figures and tables must have descriptive titles and consecutive numbering, respectively.

Figures and tables must be cantered. All figures, pictures and similar objects must be included in objects of type Microsoft Word Picture and cantered.


Conclusions: The authors should clearly explain what they discovered in the research.

References: It is important for a paper the references of the sources. All references have to be cited within the paper; otherwise they will be removed from the reference list.


                Please click here to download a simple article template.

The paper shall have a relative standard structure. It shall include an introduction on the current research in the papers field. It shall be finished by Conclusions and recommendations. The paper must be accompanied by an Abstract which should be between 150-250.

The paper should be edited as Microsoft Word 97-2007 document (.doc or .docx), with the following settings:

  • Page setup: Page size A4, orientation portrait; Margins: mirror margins, top 3cm, bottom 2cm, inside 2.5cm, outside 2cm, gutter 0.5cm; Layout: header 1.7 cm (different odd and even), footer 2cm, section start continuous, page alignment bottom, centered.
  • Page numbers: top, outside, font Times New Roman size 10, bold, continue from previous section.
  •  Paragraph format: line spacing single, uncheck widow/orphan protection, alignment justify.
  • Font: Times New Roman, size 10.5, regular. Abstract: Times New Roman, size 10.

Document language: The article must be in two versions: Albanian and English. The English version will be electronically published in the website of the journal English (US/UK), automatic hyphenation off. Make sure the speller has been used to correct eventual typing mistakes.

The final version of your paper should be submitted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also, fill in the Declaration of Originality, and submitt it at the same email address. A peer reviewing process will start soon and you will be notified about the paper acceptance/rejection. In case of rejection you will be advised to improve your paper and to submit a revised version.

Click here  for the Declaration of Originality template. Please use only this template. Do not modify the settings of this template.